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The Classique Earth Ring

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Hailing from the untouched waters of French Polynesian islands, our Tahitian pearls are exquisite and unparalleled.

The Classique Earth Ring is a remarkable embodiment of these features, boasting a solitary 6mm Tahitian pearl nestled amidst 10-11 pieces of either aromatic Sandalwood or deep-hued Ebony wood—both celebrated for their energetic attributes. While Sandalwood is revered for its calming effects, assisting in alleviating stress and worry, Ebony is cherished for its capacity to attract clarity, offering a sense of focus to its wearer.

Both types of wood, esteemed for their intense shades, harmoniously complement the luminous Tahitian pearl that sits at the heart of this elegant piece. Handpicked and meticulously crafted by our certified pearl experts, this ring truly captures the dynamic beauty of Mother Earth.

By adorning this striking piece, you're not only enhancing your natural elegance but also carrying a piece of Earth's splendid beauty with you.

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The Classique Earth Ring
The Classique Earth Ring
The Classique Earth Ring



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Founded by a GIA-certified family, we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest pearl quality standards and craftsmanship, delivering not just a piece of fine jewellery but an emblem of artistic expression.


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From the pristine waters of French Polynesia to you, we promise authenticity, contemporary sophistication, and an unwavering commitment to elegance that empowers your unique story.


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At Jaune Pearls, we strive to make & inspire positive change in the world by prioritising and deeply caring about our people and our planet. Our goal is to maximise our positive social influence

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