How do I care for my pearls?

Caring for pearls is essential to maintain their natural beauty and lustre. Pearls are delicate gems, to ensure they remain radiant for generations, follow this tailored guide on pearl care.


How Fragile Are Pearls?

Pearls score 3 on the 'Mohs' scale of hardness, indicating that pearls are quite fragile and can be scratched by other gemstones. 

Pearls are composed of calcium carbonate and aragonite, suggesting they are sensitive to acids and other corrosive substances. 

Your pearls should never be exposed to household substances, perfumes, or other acidic things. Clients should wait until after applying makeup, perfume and hair products to put on your pearls.


What Are General Pearl Care Techniques?

Tahitian pearls only need little care from its wearer. Pearls like to be worn from time to time to stay hydrated through skin contact. 

It is advised to wipe pearls with a soft cloth to preserve their beauty and lustre, also washing them in clean seawater once in awhile will illuminate the pearls beauty.

Strands will require restringing from time to time; it is advisable to seek annual restringing. 


How Can Avoid Damaging My Pearls?

Pearls should be stored separately in a soft pouch. 

Pearls can fade and crack if it experiences extreme heat, or stored in a dry place such as a safe for years. 

Pearls should also always be removed when swimming in a pool.