Founded by a GIA-certified family, we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest pearl quality standards and craftsmanship, delivering not just a piece of fine jewellery but an emblem of artistic expression. From the pristine waters of French Polynesia to you, we promise authenticity,  contemporary sophistication, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable elegance that empowers your individuality and resonates with your unique story. 
A Letter From Us to You

At the heart of Jaune Pearls is an essence of timeless elegance and an ode to nature's beauty. Known for its breathtaking Tahitian pearls, each creation is a piece of art made for those who are seeking a blend of classic sophistication and modern artistry.

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Lovers of fine jewellery from across the globe turn to Jaune Pearls for their pristine, radiant, and ethereal collections, each piece carrying a story that transcends time.

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In the spirit of continued excellence and carrying forward the legacy, Melizza Jaune, enriched by the heritage and expertise from the Gemological Institute of America, is guiding the brand's vision. Alongside her sister Maika Tanpoco, this evolution promises even deeper dives into sustainable luxury, bringing forth collections that continue to astonish and inspire.

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Jaune Pearls not only signifies an emblem of luxury but also a commitment to artistry and sustainability.

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It's more than just a brand - it's an expression and a testament to the beauty of nature merged with human artistry.

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Meet the family of Jaune Pearls

Our Family


Jennifer Tanpoco

Meet Jennifer, the mother of Jaune Pearls. Known as the 'Queen of Pearls' in the Philippines, Jennifer's love for pearls has grown and thrived over decades in the global pearl industry. As a GIA Pearl Graduate, she's learned from the best, including the legendary Emperor of Tahitian Pearls, Robert Wan. With Jennifer at the helm, Jaune Pearls blends deep experience with passion, creating a world where beauty, elegance, and authenticity shine.


Mark Tanpoco

Meet Mark, the entrepreneurial spirit that ignited the creation of Jaune Pearls. His legacy is rooted in a lineage of entrepreneurs, lending him significant wisdom from decades of business experience. Mark's creative artistic flair doesn't just add structure to his business approach it also brings life into the brand's designs. As an artist and the pioneering designer for Jaune Pearls, Mark encapsulates the brand's artistic expression.


Maika Tanpoco

Meet Maika, an exceptional entrepreneur. With a creative soul and a keen eye for beauty, Maika brings her expertise as a GIA Diamond and Gem Stones graduate to Jaune Pearls. As the Head of Public Relations, she forges meaningful connections and fosters valuable partnerships that propel the growth of Jaune Pearls. With her passion for artistry and talent for building relationships, Maika cultivates a vibrant network that amplifies the reach and impact of Jaune Pearls.


Melizza Tanpoco

Melizza Jaune, Head of Jaune Pearls, began her journey learning from her mother. This exposure cultivated a deep admiration for pearls, growing alongside with a GIA Pearl diploma and a Queensland University of Technology dual degree in international business and digital media. Melizza strongly commits to social responsibility guided by her social entrepreneurship education from Oxford University. She aims to lead Jaune Pearls towards a future of luxury that creates positive environmental and social impacts.