Jaune Pearls is dedicated to providing you with mindfully sourced and socially responsible Tahitian pearl designs, that you can proudly wear and cherish.

We persistently work towards enhancing our production, operations, organisation, and community engagement to minimise our environmental impact and bolster our social benefits. Committed to transparency and accountability, we invest time and resources to increase our positive influence and openly share our progress, initiatives, and motives.



Ethical Business Practices 

We have a commitment to fair trade, transparency, and ethical decision-making in all business activities and levels of the organisation.


Community Engagement & Support

We actively engage in and support our people through employee benefits, upskilling and educational training, local community investments, and social initiatives such as philanthropy activities to non-profit organisations like bahay pag-ibig in the Philippines


Fair Labour Practices 

We follow a code of honour in ensuring fair wages, safe conditions, and adherence to international standards and regulations for all employees in our supply chain while also promoting workplace diversity, inclusion, and equality.


Stakeholder Engagement

We firmly believe in an ecosystem approach, proactively engaging with and addressing all stakeholders internally and externally.

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